Zumba and Margaritas

I really hate to speak in clichés, but is it seriously Sunday already? This weekend went by in a big rush and I do not feel at all rested or ready for work tomorrow, ahhh well.


Saturday I took advantage of my first full pay check and went crazy in a Korean cosmetics store. It’s hard not to really, in Korea beauty products are absolutely amazing and super cheap. Most Korean women have a morning and night routine which is comprised of almost twenty different items.. I have always been adamant when it comes to removing my makeup, cleansing and moisturizing at night but when it comes to stuff like toner I have been skeptical and seen it as just a way to get us to spend a little extra on skincare. However with the polluted air in Korea and the heat which is turning my face into a red oily mess, I decided to change up my routine a little. Yesterday, I went to skinfood and purchased their black sugar scrub, toner, bb cream with sunscreen included and foot scrub. I am following the standard Korean evening of double cleansing, toner, exfoliating, face mask, serum and moisturizer. Sounds a bit extreme but I am curious to see how this will affect my skin. Anyway one of the super awesome things about shopping at these stores is that you always get free shit, check out the goody bags of face masks and sample products I got!


Shopping was followed by Zumba (so addicted), doing groceries, drinking iced coffee and redecorating our apartment in an attempt to make it more homey. Needless to say I was exhausted by the evening.


And yet I managed to fall asleep at 3am and wake at up 8 for a random trip to the beach!



We live pretty close to Busan which is a large city built upon the coast of Korea. It has a pretty kick ass beach and as the weather has been lovely all I wanted to do was walk along the sand. Weird observation though, Korean people do not seem to ever go into the water, they were all on the beach playing soccer or volleyball. Even the kids were happy to just watch the waves.

The awesome thing about Korea is that you can just turn up at a train station and grab a ticket for whatever time the next train leaves – makes for fun spontaneous trips. It only took  1hr and 10 minutes to  get to Busan and then a short subway to Hundae beach. I had been to Busan before and seemed to remember a kick-ass Mexican restaurant along the shore which I was determined to visit.


The margaritas do not disappoint.


The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting in the sand and just soaking up the sun, loved it! I know I say this a lot, but we need to stop sometimes at just enjoy the small things like being able to sit outside on a beautiful day – and drink margaritas, that always makes for a good weekend. I am so tired tonight though, I feel like a little kid that had a big day out and needs to jump in bed. But alas lesson plans must be made, a teacher’s job never stops.



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