Reasons to Teach in Asia – Cute Kids!

Sometimes I have these moments where I look around and feel really happy about how things are going in my life. I don’t necessarily mean that I am looking at everything as a whole and feeling like everything is on track, that is never the cas (my life is so far off any type of track)! Instead I just take a moment to be thankful for where I am today, because things aren’t too bad. I hope you have these types of days too!!


Today started with my obsession, strawberries!! Way too many. I have been going to the same fruit market every day in order to build up some sort of relationship with the cute couple that own it. They are elderly and always say hello to me whenever I walk past. Yesterday they gave me some giant strawberries for free, made my day 😀 So I demolished most of them this morning.


At work we had a field trip which was just awesome because it was a Friday. We went for a ‘spring picnic’ which is Korea = great photo op.


There were hundreds of school kids at this beautiful park, we spent an hour walking around and taking photos at every chance we got. It was really sweet though to realise how well we are getting to know these kids. Everyday the same kindy kids come from 10:30-2:30 and  are taught by each teacher for half an hour. Already I have seen these kids more then I saw my students within 9 months in China. I felt so happy to have this job and work with such cute kids.


His name is Teddy, but he goes by Teddy Bear



So unfortunately for you that means you are getting bombarded with photos. Hope you have a great weekend 😀




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