Tales From a Pet Cafe

Did you have a childhood pet? I had a cat that was the worlds cutest and most amazing cat ever (I am sure many out there are saying the same thing). I loved her dearly and was so sad when she had to get put down. Since then I haven’t had a pet due to flats not allowing them and the travel thing. Lucky for me I heard about pet cafes in Korea, a place where anyone can come and play with cats or dogs in a clean, well looked after area. Sounds strange but awesome!


Not an ad for cat pasta! a restaurant shares the same building as the cafe.

Because most Koreans live in tiny apartments the idea of a family pet isn’t common. Those who do own cats or dogs often keep then in tiny rooms and have them because they like the idea of a cute little thing they can dress up. So pet cafes are pretty popular with Koreans who just want to play with animals. I found out about one in Daegu and visited it on Sunday with my friend, Cherry. It was advertised as having one room for cats and then a separate one for dogs, you have to buy a drink to enter (and it costs a little more then the  average coffee), but other then that you can stay as long as your heart desires.


Glamor of shots of the cats there that day.



everywhere I looked there was a cat hiding and sleeping


So first we went to the cat room. It is really well cleaned and looked after, I was pleased with how these animals were being treated. All were trained, groomed and had a ton of food and water at their disposal. There were lots of cat toys and one of those crazy cat playground things for them to hang on. It was cool seeing how afraid many of the Koreans are of cats (not used to them I guess), and I made my way around the room checking out the goods.

Then I saw it.


The owl cat.


The cutest god-damn kitten I have ever encountered. As my heart skipped a beat the owl cat climbed up onto my lap, feel asleep and started purring. I died a little inside.


After managing to tear my away from owl cat, Cherry and I went up to the dog room. I had high expectations as dogs are awesome, but unfortunately this was where it got weird.


Imagine a room full of 15 dogs, all different breeds and no toys to play with. It was the craziest of crazies in there. So much barking and fighting and peeing on the floor!!

To make matters worse this giant beagle decided to sleep on my lap and kept attempting to do that dog thing where they turn around in circles before sitting down. It was so uncomfortable and I did not enjoy the fat-ass dog bumping it’s head into my face every minute. We only stayed about fifteen minutes then quickly vacated (deciding not to go back to the cats as we smelt like dog).


So pet cafes, sound kind of crazy right? To be honest it was a fun way to spend an afternoon but I wouldn’t go back. I get that they can’t have pets in most families so this is a good way for people to get their animal fix without subjecting a cat or dog to an unfair living situation. But seeing all these animals kept inside and forced to socialise with each other bummed me out a bit. To be honest if the owl cat hadn’t stolen my heart I probably would not have enjoyed it at all. If you are in Daegu the cafe is very easy to find. Go to the main stage downtown and walk down the street directly behind it, the one closest to the Burger King. Take the first left and keep a look out for the sign I posted above, as always keep looking up as there are huge pictures of a cat on the fourth floor on the building.

Oh Korea what will you think of next!


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