Thankful for a relaxing weekend

Sometimes the rainy weekends where you do nothing really are the best ones.


This weekend I had a friend visiting from Seoul, I am super akward and the idea of hosting events or people is nerve racking so I was really worried about what there would be to do in Daegu.  Plus Seoul is kick-ass and has everything so I knew she wouldn’t be impressed with all the Western restaurants and bars here.  And of course yesterday when I woke up it was raininy, so the mild plans I had about walking around downtown to explore were gone.  In the end I had a really good weekend, full of coffee, food and chatting.


strawberry kebabs, heaven on a stick


After we got back from the train station we went out to a really good Indian Restaurant called Maya. I don’t know what it is about Asia but their Indian food is just awesome, NZ is getting is way wrong. I had the vegetable korma, a naan and rice because I couldn’t pick just one and food is awesome.


The best meal for a rainy day!

One thing about Korean people is that they really take their time when they go out to eat or for coffee. It is common for couples and friends to sit over their meals for a few hours just chatting and relaxing. It is a nice concept and makes the meal less about stuffing your face with goodness and more about socialising. We ended up having a really long lunch then going to get coffee, because Korean coffee shops are just so unique.


Dinner was late and at an Italian restaurant  (terrible lighting, no photos) and followed by a few drinks downtown where I was amazed with how many foreigners live here. Sometimes I can go into a place so full of foreigners that I really do forget I am in Korea and get a shock when I walk outside.


Asian poses are a necessity


After a big sleep in we missed breakfast and went to Pho Mein. How damn awesome in Vietnamese food!! I ordered a bowl of rice noodles topped with vegetables, pineapple and sauce. They left the meat off for me, something I always dread asking in Korea but at this restaurant I got no weird looks from the staff – yay!


Spring rolls with peanut satay to start… oh my goodness!



And my main, I couldn’t finish it and have been stuffed ever since.


The rest of the day was spent wandering downtown (And visiting the pet café which I will write about tomorrow as it deserves it’s own post) before heading to the train station. I feel silly now for worrying about the weekend, sometimes all people want to do is chat with a friend over good eats. I feel thankful to have friends here and to live in such a great city. What are you thankful for this weekend?


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