Vegan Mac and Cheese

Sick again, arghhhh! All week kids have been dropping like flies. Some were sent home during the day, others just sat in class slowly dying. Unfortunately Korean parents do not have the mentality of ‘my baby is sick, they must rest at home to get better and so they don’t infect the other students.’ No, instead they force their kids to school will the hope that they wont have to be picked up later. I  guess they pay a lot for these English Academies. Anyway it means that I am sick – the week I have a friend visiting 😦 It’s going to be a long day of medicine and coffee for me. Plus it is raining, why do these things always happen when we have an actual weekend planned.


nutritional yeast in all it’s glory


It was a comfort food night when I came home feeling unwell. So I decided to try out the nutritional yeast I bought of iHerb and make mac and cheese. I haven’t eaten this in two years probably due to

1) being in cheese-less Asia, and

2) attempting to be a healthy almost vegan.

But I miss it so, there is something magical about a good cheese sauce. Nutritional yeast is an amazing powdered cheese substitute which is vegan and healthy. Instead of all the fat in normal cheese it is packed with protein and iron which makes me feel like less of a terrible person for scrapping the bowl clean. Of course you can use regular butter and milk for this if you aren’t vegan, but I decided to go all the way.


1 TB vegan margarine

1 cup soy milk

1 TB flour

1 tsp paprika

4 TB nutritional yeast

What to do

– prepare pasta and vegetables as you normally would on the stove.

– In a separate pan, melt the butter before mixing in the flour and milk. Try to mix quickly and remove any lumps.

– Add the paprika and yeast and stir the sauce over a low heat. It should begin to thicken. Add more milk if you feel it is to thick. When you feel it is done, salt and pepper that baby.

– Pour over pasta and vegetables, eat yourself into a food coma.


I realise this picture is terrible but I forgot to take any with my good camera as I was eating and making it, blame my not feeling the best. But the sauce looked like this, pretty close to the real thing in my books! It was a little darker and tasted kind of like a sharp cheddar. It was the bomb, totally hit the spot and I didn’t feel gross after eating it.

ImageI actually adapted the reicpe from this one ( which was on But I didn’t have all of the ingredients because I am in Korea, it still turned out pretty good! Anyway I am going to have a little clean before my friend gets here (or watch the new Parks and Recreation and procrastinate). Have a good weekend 😀



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