Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

I have a strange obsession with food documentaries. I say it is strange because I love watching them, but do not eat a super healthy, juice-fasting, kind of diet. I think what I find so addicting about them is seeing how food can transform our lives and the impact it has on the inside of our bodies. I have seen a ton of these moves (Food Inc, Forks over Knives, Simply Raw and so on) but each time I marvel at the power of a good diet. It does motivate me to eat a bit better and try to add more raw, whole foods into my days.


So last night I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It was awesome. The story follows an Australian who did – get this – a 60 day juice fast!! That just blows my mind as the thought of doing that for a weekend makes me sad, I love eating too much.

As expected he looses a ton of weight and is able to cure a medical condition he has had for over ten years. Where the story gets interesting is when he encounters an American truck driver who weighs 400 pounds. The two fast together and we are left with an amazing and heart warming story (excuse my cheeseyness). I totally recommend this movie as it didn’t preach about how miraculous green juice is and make you feel like an awful person for not partaking in a similar fast. Instead it encourages us to make small changes and at least try. That’s some realistic healthy eating  advice I can follow!


Other then that I have been really successful with adding more protein into my days, thanks to beauties like these. Morning tofu sounds odd, but it is soft tofu that has been flavored and is surprisingly delicious. Don’t knock it till you try it! I hear so much negativity about tofu and soy but too be honest I don’t listen to it that much. I eat tofu 3-4 times a week because it is a great health food that I can easily incorporate into different dishes. Sometimes I think that if we listened to all these articles that have been written about the dangerous of food there would be nothing left to eat and we would all live in fear of meals. 

A bit of a dull post today, but tomorrow I am going to attempt vegan mac and cheese with my nutritional yeast. It will either be a huge accomplishment or a sad disaster. Have a good one 😀


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