Running Woes

Today I am trying to have happy thoughts.


However lately I have been having running issues and it is seriously getting to me!

I started running in December, did the couch to 5k, and became an addict. I run for exercise and also because I feel amazing when I achieve personal goals with it and it gives me so much confidence. In short, running makes me feel badass and like I can take on anything.

The day I left NZ I ran 5k without stopping for the first time. This was huge for me. I was so proud of this goal and went to Korea knowing that I would be serious about running there. Luckily I live across the road from a pretty park and I started running straight away. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I got sick and had a week off. This didn’t seem to make a difference and I was running again a week later. However today I went for a run, 3.7ks and came home realising that I have not made any progress in the past 5 weeks. I have been unable to run 5ks again, even if I stop and walk halfway then continue to run. I am also not getting any faster with my pace, it is staying exactly the same.


post running face, own that ugly running mug!


I know I should look back on how far I have come and be happy that I see 3ks as a small run. I know that I shouldn’t compare myself to others (even when the guy I work with has been running for 5 weeks and brags about the 10ks he ran in the weekend – I don’t quite believe him). But for me I feel like I am going backwards with running and not forwards. So frustrating!!

Perhaps it is my diet. After last weeks post I have been adding more protein and iron into my diet, snacking on nuts and yoghurt for example I have even been drinking carrot juice at lunchtime to get some nutrients into my meal of rice and salad. I really hope that in a few weeks this pays off and my running is back on track. Until this, any advice?


On a much sadder note the Boston marathon news has made me thankful to be on this planet doing the things that I do. It has reminded me that life is too short and uncertain. For me the marathon is an awesome event due to Katherine Switzer. She was the first women to ever run the marathon back in 1972. She is seen in this picture trying to do her thing while the event organizer attempts to pull her off the course. At the time the idea of women running was crazy.  She completed the race, still runs it, and overall shows how running can give us confidence and make the world change a little. The fact that some one has ruined this event and all the good that it brings just breaks my heart. The people involved in the race – spectators or runners – deserved to have an awesome day and that was taken from them.  I guess it does put my running troubles into perspective.



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