Korean Cooking Class

One thing I have trouble with is really getting out there to meet people and make friends. It is just hard and I would rather stay at home watching TV shows and surfing blogs then I would go out to event to make some new homies. However in Korea if I don’t make an effort then I am going to have a really boring and lonely experience. With that in mind today I went to a Korean cooking class which I randomly heard about, meeting people seems easier when food is involved.

Getting there was a mission as I had to walk half an hour and then take two subways, however I made it. There were four of us in total and we went to the instructors house not knowing what to expect. It ended up being a crazy cute little pottery shop (the women running the classes also makes really cool pottery), with a really nice kitchen run by three Korean women in their 60s. They had all lived in places like American so were very Westernised and had amazing English. When they told me that we would be making bibimbap (mixed rice with vegetables) my heart jumped for joy as it is my favorite Korean dish.


the ladies in the kitchen

I never realised the preparation which goes into Korean food. Each vegetable was individually steamed, marinated and prepared with so much love and care. They showed us how to make mung beans, spinach, carrot, and zucchini Korean style, as well as some small vegetable pancakes and a tofu soup which would be side dishes.


excuse the beef on the right, this was for the non-vegetarians

This process rook over an hour, I am amazing at the amount of effort and time they put into these tiny little dishes! And I could not stop thinking about who would be doing the dishes…


When we sat down to eat the table looked so good, I couldn’t not take photos. This shows the toppings for the bibimbap, cooked tofu with a really good mystery sauce, zucchini pancakes and the side soup.



Final bibimbap, I want more just looking at this.


In case you are wondering that is red pepper paste in the middle. It is literally ground up red peppers, Koreans like their food hot!

When we were down the women surprised us even more by making tiny rice cake pancakes for dessert. These were just rice flour with water that are fried, served with honey and have a small flower on top to make them look so damn beautiful.




Cooked. These were really yummy, like comfort food all hot and sticky.

The day was really nice and very Korean. I met some new foreigners but for the first time I felt like I was doing something cultural. The tiny size of the class allowed for us to talk to the women and really get to know them. We talked a lot about Korean women and their role in the household and how it is changing. I think I will be going back for more. Yay for me getting out of my comfort zone!! What did you do this weekend?



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