Sring is here! (I think)


Would that be the sun poking it’s head through the trees?

Today it has finally started to warm up and everyone in Daegu seems to be enjoying the spring-time weather. I feel bad sitting inside on my laptop right now and am going to force myself to go for a walk soon.

This week was pretty good in terms of my new eating goals. I concentrated on adding the right foods into my day and, while I didn’t hit the amount of protein that I should have eaten, I consumed much more then previous weeks. Once I stopped filling up on foods like breads and rice that don’t really have much nutritional value I found myself feeling less gross and bloated and more ready to eat protein goodness snacks like almonds. I do think that I need to buy some protein powder however, guess that means I will have to order some more stuff of… how disappointing…not.

The day started healthy.


A big bowl of strawberries, oats and almond butter. While the almond butter is a bit sweet, I am seeing this as a good thing as it means I can’t eat too much of it.

After breakfast I made myself hop on a bus and check out the downtown area, I have been here a month but haven’t really explored Daegu. After getting really distracted by a cosmetics shop (Korean cosmetics are just amazing, they have everything under the sun and it is much cheaper then back home), I walked around and was heading back when I saw a sign for a park. It was only 100m away so I thought I may as well see what was up, turned out there is a kick-ass park in the middle of the city. It is centered around a government building from 1801 that the city decided to turn into a focal point for a park when the offices moved.


that’s a badass government building



thanks for the advice strange door


I walked around for a bit then headed home to do some yoga, drink coffee (do these things contradict one another, if so I do not care) and make lunch.


I made the mother of all salads with lettuce, roasted sweet potato and homemade spinach chips with nutritional yeast. Trying to eat this was hilarious. On the side I had a grainy roll that a bakery near us sells and is crazy addictive; as well as some cut up pear with almond butter. Hmmm maybe I don’t dislike that almond butter as much as I thought…

I’m going to try and enjoy the sun, whats the bet it will be gone by tomorrow. Have a good Saturday 😀




2 thoughts on “Sring is here! (I think)

  1. Hey, been reading your blog a little while and am curious as to your perspective/knowledge of the “impending war” or whatever… from someone living in Korea!
    Keep it up.

    • hey thank you so much for reading! I have been thinking I should say something about the situation between the two Koreas as it is getting so much attention at the moment. Part of me is a little worried, as I guess anyone would be, but overall I am not too concerned. The Koreans that I work with have said that these type of threats usually increase when the South gets a new president (which they did in January), but are never really taken that seriously. The North is very reliant on the South Korea as they receive red cross aid on a weekly basis, and during the rainy season when most of their crops are destroyed they would not survive without the help they get from the South. Overall I think it is all talk, the North are not doing well but are just trying to give the appearance of a really powerful country. Lets hope it stays this way!

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