I heart iHerb!

Today is Friday so I am supper excited, happy and apologizing for the random post. The day started awesome with a huge bowl of strawberries.


Right now I am excited because I ordered a bunch of vegetarian goodies on iHerb.com and it all arrived at work, just in time for the weekend 😀


My loot. I ordered some multivitamins to get my iron and everything else I am sure to be lacking in Korea, as well as chia seeds because I am about to run out. Side note – chia seeds are one of those things that I eat because people tell me they are really good for me, but in reality I am not too sure how they are such a super food. I eat them because they are so easy to add to any meal and hey why not. I also found nutritional yeast which has made me super excited. I always read about nutritional yeast on vegan food blogs you can’t get it in NZ.  Not only is it vegan but it is a cheese substitute and finding cheese in Korea is like finding gold. There are so many recipes I want to try!! I have had a hankering for almond butter (it has been 5 weeks since I had kind of nut butter, that includes peanut and I am seriously missing it!) I chose Jason’s vanilla almond butter which was opened at lunch time due to the fact that was fish day and it just looked so appealing.


This actually disappointed me a little. It was yummy but very sweet. I have heard of people using nut butter as a dip for sweet potato wedges but when I tried that for dinner it just did not work. Oh well, I am sure I can find many ways to eat it, and it is a good source of protein.

Because I felt like it I also got a couple of treats to try, a pumpkin flaxseed energy bar and some spicy kale chips (way too good). iHerb is awesome, is you ever want to order off it then you can enter this code LHL876 and save $10. Such a happy day coming home with all these goodies! I then managed to go for a run and have returned home to stuff my face and have a few drinks. Happy Friday!!!!



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