My Korean Neighbours

I live in a tiny apartment building with paper thin walls. It’s common in Korea and the apartment itself is large and pretty damn nice, better then anything I ever flatted in back home. The problem is the combination of paper thin walls and the neighbours who we share a bedroom wall with. They are just terrible human beings.


my building, the second floor is a PC cafe which is always pumping.


 It all starts around 11pm when they come home from whatever it is that they do. I’m sure it isn’t work because they sometimes bring friends and are usually drunk (I know this because I get to hear them fuck up their door combination several times before finally making it in). This is followed by talking, laughing, and at times singing, for a couple of hours. Then one of them goes to have a shower and any friends go home to annoy their own neighbors.

We are then treated to some bizarre nighttime rituals which include practicing singing scales (1am is the best time to do this apparently) and vacuuming the floor. The worst part about this is that they often go quiet for a good fifteen minutes so you can just start to relax and drift off, only to be woken again by sporadic laughter. I Hate these people!!



my feelings towards them

It is important to note that due to the location of our bedroom I can hear every word which is said. It is actually motivating me to learn Korean so that I can understand their conversations.

You can argue that it is because of the thin walls and I agree that it is a factor, but we don’t seem to hear our other neighbors. Besides who has this kind of social life on most weeknights?! It’s like living to a far less glamorous version of a Truman Capote novel. I could bang on the wall yes, but as we do not speak very good Korean and I have never seen the guy who lives there this could end badly. Korean men like to save face and I don’t want one yelling at me at 2am. I tried to be a bitch and planned all night how I was going to play a soundtrack specifically designed to piss them off at 7am, but for some crazy reason they are up that early and often leave for work when we do. The Prodigy went unplayed. Ohh all I want is some sleep.


rocking the 50s swimming cap.


Thankfully I don’t have to get up too early for work and I am surrounded by cuteness all day which makes me happy. It is hard to be tired and shitty when there are these little creatures crawling on you and giving hugs.

 ImageGoodnight blog, I hope you have a better sleep then I do 😀



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