Weekend Love


couples having picnics under the blossoms, does it get any cuter?

There are many reasons to be happy this weekend!


1) Cherry blossom season!!! Despite my ridicule of how dead and dry the trees looked just last week the blossoms made their appearance the other day – well played Korea.  I have loved seeing the Koreans enjoy them. Lots of people just hang out in the parks with picnics, cameras and their families. I even saw a few people set up easels and paint the scenery which made me feel like I was in Mary Poppins.

2) I know I am late on this bandwagon, but how awesome is Downton Abbey? I started watching last week and have made it through two seasons already. Maggie Smith is just amazing and badass, while the show is crazy addictive. Watch it!!


3) Food. I have been trying to eat less rice lately because, well its rice and having it at every meal is getting a tad tedious and tough on the stomach :S. Luckily spinach and sweet potatoes are in season and they are my favourite veggies.  Plus as the weather warms up I have been getting on the salad bandwagon once again. At the moment my go-to meal is spinach, corn, lettuce salad  with roasted sweet potato and almond walnut dressing. Soooo good!


4) Korean bakerys/coffee shops. For some reason Koreans are a little obsessed with French style cafes and have opened up a ton of chain cafes which serve their interpretation of the culture. Places like Paris Baguette have the most amazing looking breads and treats which, although they probably make a French person spit in disgust, are pretty good. They put their own spin on things with curry filled baguettes (the verdict is out) and faces on coffee cups (cute).

5) Music. This song is just awesome. Motivates me to run or just picks me up when I am feeling a bit down. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQYpF2pCkLI


In this world it is important to stop and think about the little things that make us happy, what are yours?




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