A Damn Good Weekend


Oh Korea you have not changed!

After a terrible 48 hours of flying, busing and driving, we finally made it to Daegu super early Saturday morning. Because our apartment isn’t ready yet we are staying in a motel for a week which kinda sucks but also has its perks. I was nervous to come to a new city and back to Korea, just in case I didn’t like it or started to remember horrible things about it. But so far it has been kick ass! Our apartment and work are right in the middle of a busy area with an emart, countless coffee shops and 7/11s, a park that I can run through (yay!) and a nice wee hill to hike. It is an awesome area and has everything I wanted (including a McDonalds which delivers for when homesickness strikes).


We spent Saturday walking around and trying to see how much Korean we could remember, turns out we are not too bad at it. After buying coffee with cute little faces on the cups, we passed a fruit stall where I managed to ask how much for an amazing bowl of strawberries.


They tasted as good as they looked, half the bowl is already gone. The afternoon was spent napping and relaxing before heading out for a beer and some much anticipated bibimbap. I have dreamt about this Korean dish for the past few weeks and could not have been more excited. I don’t know if it was the few beers I had before hand plus the jet-lag, but it was amazeballs. On a side not, I have no idea how we would have handled the day if we hadn’t been here before. It would have been incredibly terrifying not knowing where to buy basics like coffee or even how to say thank-you to people. When we ordered dinner last night it was from a hole in the wall place where English would not have been recognised. I am feeling thankful for my previous time spent here!


It isn’t Korea without a wee hiking spot on the side of a busy road!

Today we walked up this random hill down the road. Seeing all the Korean ladies in visors with their hiking sticks bought back some good memories. The hill turned out to be a really pretty park and was really nice to walk around. It always amazes me how Koreans love to exercise, so every few stops there were rest areas with exercise machines that the older people were taking full advantage of. I even saw an elderly man hula hooping which made my day.


There was a nice view of the city…


And a cute wee pagoda


All in all a damn good weekend, too bad about going to work tomorrow!! I am super nervous about starting a new job and having to teach again. Being the new person always sucks. On the other hand, perhaps I should stop being so whingy and just enjoy my time here, have a happy weekend!



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