Weird Things I Have Found in Asia

My I am tired today! I know this because I just started at the word Asia for a long time convinced that it isn’t spelt that way. Good job English teacher! 

I have travelled throughout Asia for a few years now and seen some really funny things, and some that are just plain strange. So today I thought I would share the laughter and post a few of the weirdest/funniest things that I have come across in Asia. I am sure somewhere out there a Korean blogger is posting the strangest things she has found in the Western world.



-There is a super cool concept in Korea of cat and dog cafes. If you don’t have a pet (which many can’t due to there apartment sizes), you can go to this cafe and just play with cute little fluff balls all day long. It may sound ick but the animals are very well groomed and trained, and the area is very clean with hand sanitiser on every table. Anyway this particular cafe had a translation mistake at the bottom of their list of rules – ‘Don’t bother eating cats.’ I love this because it makes it sound like you can but don’t bother because they aren’t delicious enough. 

ImageCoffee and cats, genius.


– I saw this on my placemat at a bar. It is an ad for non-alcoholic beer so don’t worry!! But seriously this is messed up advertising, partly because of the concept and partly because of the stupid way they have photoshopped these ladies so they look pregnant.


– Did the colonel do something to his hair? Copyright laws are just non-existent in Korea.



– This store sold hair accessories and makeup, not STDs.




– oh Japan, you so funny. This was at the Tokyo Dome – a place many tourists visit – which makes me wonder why no one has fixed this and why they didn’t try to get it right. It was outside a burger restaurant called Vicky’s, make sense of it what you can.



– There is a clothing chain called Mexican and their logo is the little sleeping guy with the sombrero. Some may think this is just funny, I thought it was a little bit wrong.


– Tofu jerky!!! It’s tofu all dried and put in a packet with spicy sauce. Delicious but slightly odd.


– This is just so god damn amazing. At exit to an underground mall there was a picture of these little guys on the floor. The fat guy pointed towards the escalator, and the skinny one to the stairs. This seemed illogical to me, but I felt like I could not take the escalator or I would be telling people I am a fatty westerner.


– Well this is one way to make sure kids don’t touch the conveyor belt in a supermarket, and one way to scare the crap out of them when it comes to doing groceries.


– Are your breasts tense? Don’t worry there’s something for that. A bust roller, to help work those knots out of your chest.


– KFC in China consists of burger, fries and porridge. Awesome.


– A notebook that I had to purchase. It really points out the seriousness of teenage depression. Whatever happened to just ‘the sun shines on you’ or some Hallmarky shit like that.


– I saw a guy riding this horse and cart down a main road. Kick ass.



– Yum!

Finding funny differences like this between out countries, isn’t that what travelling is all about?  Happy Sunday!





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