Things to be happy about this weekend

When you’re feeling blue it can be a bit hard to look at the positives. When that happens and I have a bad day where I start to think that everything I have done has been the wrong decision and my life isn’t on the right track (you know that feeling), I find the best thing to do is think about simple things that can still make you smile. If there are things in my life that make me happy then everything will be okay. So this weekend…

Image– Beer fest! It was the beer festival in Christchurch today. I went and had an awesome time, it was sunny and there were so many different beers to try. The highlight – a hazelnut brown ale. My oh my it was good!


– Green tea with strawberry (gotta balance out that beer right?). I just bought this the other day and it is rocking my world right now. You can’t even taste the green tea which makes it really easy to drink.

– I discovered the cruelty free shop NZ, they sell a vegan mars bar. That is just awesome.


– My in-laws dog. If you have a pet or super cool animal in your life then you know how just hanging around them can make you smile. Everytime I see Bella I just melt and talk in a weird voice that I later hate myself for.


– I posted this a few weeks ago at a school and sent in the picture to Caitlin. She put it up on the site and used it in one of her posts on I feel special! If you haven’t posted a note before go to the site and see how it works, sharing a bit of love makes you feel better about yourself and the world.

– I discovered pandora radio this week and my life got way better. Particularly when I found out that they have a show tunes station. I listened so so much, it was muscials and Disney songs on repeat all day at work and it was fanfuckingtastic.

I hope your weekend is going good, if it is not maybe stop and think about a few things that make you happy or you are thankful for. It might just make you smile.


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