Hippy Love


Wouldn’t you just love to go watch some music with the hills and a lush sun as your background? 
ImageNow how beautiful is that? 

Yesterday I went to the classic hits winery tour with the boys mum and sister. It was pretty much the bomb, awesome music + a back drop that doesn’t even look real + wine. A win all around. 

The weather was perfect which is actually amazing if you know anything about Christchurch. We bought some seats and nibbles, parked ourselves down and relaxed with a glass of wine. 


Maybe too many glasses of wine because things got a little messy. 


There’s something about an outdoor gig that makes you feel so relaxed and hippy-ish. Particularly when a reggae/dub band like Fat Freddys Drop are on. Shoes were removed and dancing was done. It was fantastic.

Going to something like this a few weeks before I leave for Korea made me kind of sad. The landscape was so crazy beautiful and I really do love NZ music. It’s so relaxed and the artists are really down to earth. A highlight was Anika Moa who kept cracking jokes, at one point when another guitarist asked her how she was doing she replied ‘my tits are really sweaty’. I have a total girl crush on her which is okay seeing as she does like girls. Side note, it is awesome being in a country where no one gives a shit about your sexuality. Anika Moa is married to a girl and is preggers with their third child. No one cares, no one protests or says it wrong; instead she gets cheers when she mentions that it was pride day recently.


Hippy feet photo, they were disgustingly dirty when I woke up total but surely that’s the sign on a good outdoor gig. 

The music was perfect, I love Fat Freddys Drop and had never managed to see them live so I was super excited. They did not disappoint, everything they played was crazy good and how amazing is the lead singers voice? So smooth and sexy! The only bad thing about the event was the food. We had an early dinner/late lunch at 4pm(!) because we knew it probably wouldn’t offer that much and it was the best decision. The food for sale was pizza (meat), bacon sammies, American hot dogs and candy floss. The only veggie option I could see was hot chips and I get really sick of eating them at events like this. But you can’t have wine without cheese so we had bought a few things to nibble on and soak up the booze – maybe we should have bought more food.


Some really, over the top peppery cheese. Not the best compliment to wine. 

So yeah, I had a typical NZ day that made me sad I am leaving! I really do miss stupid things about home when I am in Asia, like how green and purdy it is, and how kick ass the stars are at night. Sometimes I think we get so excited about looking forward and where we will be in the future that we don’t realise how fantastic the present is. I know I do that a lot, always thinking about how I can’t wait to go overseas, not stopping to appreciate where I am now is actually pretty good. Yesterday definitely reminded me to look around every now and then and enjoy being where I am. Hope your weekend was beautiful in its own way.







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