Good Music makes for a Happy Run

Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is putting on your running shoes and getting out the door.


who wants to run in this!


I grew up hating running, in fact I lost my school cross country because a friends and I chose to walk the entire thing. I just did not see the point in it, running sucked and it did not seem to love me so why bother. However all of the blogs that I read on a regular basis are written by women who run. Not only do they run but they started out as non-runners just like me. It really did motivate me to try running and see if I could actually start to tolerate it and maybe one day love it. So long story short I started to couch to 5k and found myself able to run, and I actually liked it (the change it had on my body helped that a lot). Now that I run every week I am finding myself in that slump where you need a little bit of drive each run or they all start to feel the same.

For me music is a huge factor. I know some people prefer to run sans ipod and have some meditative experience where its just them and their bodies, but that just doesn’t work with me. I need music and I need to change it a lot to make the run more interesting.

-One thing that helps is changing my music regularly. If you listen to the same playlist in the exact same order then it gets to easy to think about previous runs. I start thinking to myself  ‘but the other day I was halfway down the street when Lady GaGa came on, damnit I’m slow!’ Changing it up makes the whole thing much more interesting and distract you from the actual run.

– Put music aside just for running. This sounds lame but I find that it really helps me out the door. I will download some new songs that I really love and leave them in a running playlist that I can only listen to when I am on the pavement. It is a little easier to go outside when I am thinking to myself ‘yay Legally Blonde soundtrack, if I run then I can listen to it’ (no seriously, great running music).

– Don’t be embarrassed about what you are listening too! There are some artists that I think are terrible and wouldn’t really have playing in the background at home, but when I run they are perfect. Listen to what keeps you going on the run and who cares is some people might think are lame.

– Cheesy songs are totally okay. Tunes like the theme from Rocky make you feel bad ass when you run. Secret shame, I like live versions because you can hear the audience cheering and I can pretend they are cheering for me… ahhh I am lame, but it works!

– Nothing wrong with singing out loud!


Songs I love to run too…

Pink – Raise your Glass

Pink – So What

The Killers – Mr Brightside

Christina Aguilera – Your Body

Lady GaGa – Bad Romance

Florence and the Machine – Dog Days are Over

Gossip – Heavy Cross

Ke$ha – Blow

Tina Turner – Get it On

Legally Blonde Soundtrack – So Much Better

Legally Blonde Soundtrack – Whipped into Shape

Jay Z and Kanye West – Ni**as in Paris

RENT soundtrack – Out Tonight

Goldfrapp – Alive

Cher Lloyd – Want you Back

Jay-Z – 99 problems

Miranda Lambert – Gunpowder and Lead

So I hope you have a super kick ass run!


much more appealing



Easy English Muffins to make you drool

Hot English Muffins just oozing with butter that just melts in your mouth. Who needs chocolate for valentines day when you can steam up the kitchen with these babies!

This year I made myself one of those 101 things to do in 2013 lists. I feel like the list keeps me a bit focused and gives me some minor goals to achieve, as opposed to a big as new years resolution which I would probably not keep. I’ll type it up later, but one of the things on my list was to bake 5 new things. I love baking as a way of relaxing but I always make the same types of thing (my mocha chocolate muffins have been perfected), I also wanted to bake something with yeast because I never have and for some weird reason it intimidates me. I just keep expecting yeast to not rise properly and them I am left feeling like a fool. So today I baked with yeast, and it was a success, I now feel like sexy master of the kitchen Nigella Lawson.


fabulous world play


These are super easy. They do take a lot of time however, mostly waiting for the yeast to do its thing, so I recommend making them on a weekend or when you have a spare 3 hours.


Super Sexy English Muffins

3/4 cup of milk

3/4 cup of water

1 tsp sugar

3 tsp yeast

4 cups of flour

1 tsp salt

2 TB melted butter

1 egg, beaten

– Heat the milk so it is warm, not  boiling just warm to touch. Dissolve the sugar into the milk and add the water, give it a good wee mix. Sprinkle the yeast over the top but don’t mix it in. Now for the first test, cover the bowl and leave in a warm place for 10 minutes. It should rise and go all foamy

– Time to get down and dirty! Sift the flour and add the butter, egg and yeast mixture. Give it a good stir. Place the dough on a floured surface and knead for about 10 minutes. Stick your chest out and go to town on that dough just like Nigella would. It is also a good wee workout.

– Run some hot water through a bowl to warm it up and place the dough inside. It will look all sad like this…

Image – Cover and leave in a warm spot for an hour. This is the part where I thought it would go wrong, but instead I came back to find this…


– It worked!

– Knead the dough for a minute and then roll out, now you can cut out the muffins. I just used a cup to make a circle shape but next time I think I will get creative.


– And now you get to wait again! Place the muffs in a warm space for 30 minutes – they will puff up a little more.


– Check out my soft sexy muffs! Heat a frying pan and melt some butter. The muffins are cooked this way but very very slowly. I used a low heat and fried each one for about 5 minutes per side. Then you can cut them open, melt some almond butter and get it going!



and if these don’t satisfy you then maybe this picture of a disheveled Ryan Gosling will.

Hope you had a happy valentines day!