Story of a sad lunch

Hello there!

Today I am working at my little office job and that can only mean one thing… disappointing lunch day!

I have this really bad habit of not making a substantial enough lunch whenever I am taking it somewhere. I think it is a combination of making lunch the night before when I am full from dinner and also the mentality of making something really healthy as I know there will be no snacks at work. It sucks and I usually end up feeling so let down and annoyed with past me when I go to eat the next day. So right now I am dreaming of something yummy like sweet potato fries (little bit obsessed right now), while I instead eat this.

Image                                                      a super lame sandwich

We raided the mammoth veggie patch at the boys parents house and so I had a ton of crunchy lettuce, carrots, radishes, peppers and tomatoes to work with. For some reason I just used a little bit of hummus, oh so much lettuce and only one slice of bread for this concoction. It’s okay, but needs something else.

Image                                                  a yellow peach on the side

These peaches have been rocking my world lately. They are so perfectly juicy and delicious, unfortunately just not that filling when paid with lame sandwich.

I have no idea why I make lunches like this when I am trapped in a little office all day (no vending machines or anything like that in this space). On the one hand it seems like a good idea because it is forcing myself to diet; but on the other is it stupid because I will go home and snack before dinner. Silly girl!

But on the bright side I got up a little early to do some pilates before work. I try really hard to do something every day, particularly when I know I will be sitting on my butt working on a computer all damn day. The key really is to figure out what your habits are and adjust a work-out to suit them. For example I know that when I come home from work I just want to relax, if I save the workout for the evening then I will spend time during the day thinking about it and how I can’t be bothered. It is kind of hard getting up early, but I just remind myself that I am going to get up sooner or later so I may as well get some exercise in.

In other eats, I took advantage of the veggie garden bounty yesterday for lunch (oohhhh yesterdays lunch, trying not to hear the cries of my taste buds).



A big bowl of crunchy lettuce, radish, carrots, beans, roasted sweet potato and hummus for dressing. On the side was some zucchini scone that I baked and a tad of vegemite – don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

IMG_0288Breakfast pretty much every day this week has been cereal topped with blueberries, chia seeds, molasses and some of the weird soy yoghurt. The ‘yoghurt’ is still so-so in my books. I did figure out what it tastes like though, morning tofu! In Korea it is really common to eat silken tofu like you would pudding or yoghurt. I sometimes used to buy these little single-servings of morning tofu which would come with a little spoon and maybe a topping you could put on it such as strawberry syrup. They are really good, but still not soy yoghurt. I get frustrated when I think about how behind NZ is when it comes to a lot of products, things like almond butter, coconut water and coconut oil are hard to find and ridiculously expensive. I am also currently undergoing a never ending quest to find nutritional yeast in this country. Why must we be so deprived!


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