Soy Yoghurt Fail

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I had trouble sleeping last night which made for a crappy day. Since I was little I have had this problem where some nights I lie down and just don’t sleep. Believe me when I say that  have tried everything – milk, cherries, almonds, yoga, no caffine, no laptops – everything! But nothing seems to work. It really sucks but was made extra sucky but the fact that I had a breakfast date and had to be up at 7am, boo! I had planned on going for a run before hand but chose to sleep instead, sleep should always trump a workout.

After breakfast I napped, ran, ate left-over quinoa patties, read, went for a walk and did some circuit training. I realise that I sound like an annoying hard-out when it comes to exercise at the moment, but I promise I’m not!! I have been taking advantage of having extra time and also enjoying being outside in a pretty country – running in China is no fun.

As you can imagine I was really hungry after all this, and dinner of salald and bread just did not cut it. On my walk I went to the supermarket to pick up some blueberries and stumbled across something I have been looking for… plain soy yoghurt!


I know that is totally lame, but this is something I have struggled to find. I eat vegan 90% of the time and really miss plain yoghurt. There is one vegan brand which is a damn good substitute and can actually be found in NZ,  but they only make flavored yoghurt and sometimes a girl needs plain so she can mix it with cocoa powder for a chocolate goodness treat. Don’t judge me, when I am craving massive amounts of chocolate this is a snack that has gotten me through some hard times.

It is pathetic how excited I was to try this. After dinner, when I got hungry I suddenly had visions of a bowl with rockmelon, blueberries, almond butter and said cocoa yoghurt. I got everything ready, opened the yoghurt bottle and tipped it expecting yoghurt to pour into my little bowl – instead disaster. This was not yoghurt, it looks like silken tofu, and tastes like it a bit too. So frustrating when a company makes a vegan alternative but they don’t quite get it right, how are we supposed to convince people that going vegan is easy with tofuey yoghurt on your cereal in the morning. Alas, I still made my snack.


Terrible lighting in the kitchen, I must apologise. The snack is still super amazing, one of my go to bowls when I am pecky late at night and want something yummy. Of course seeing as I had been let down by my yoghurt, I felt it was okay to polish off my bowl with a couple of squares of dark chocolate. Served with a cup of vanilla tea. Decadent, but that’s how I roll.


Any one else been let down by vegan replacements?


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