I workout

Heya, I had such a lovely day. It started with a sleep in which is always amazing, then another breakfast of peaches, chia seeds, cereal and coffee. ImageBliss…

Then me and the Mr went for a run together. Would you believe that we have been together 6 1/2 years and have never worked out as a couple, probably because when we met I was starting uni and just ate, drunk and did not move much unless it was to drunkenly walk home (I am sure I am not alone in this first year of uni experience). It was weird to not have music when I run but also refreshing, for once I could hear myself breath. Too bad that I was puffing and couldn’t really carry a conversation while running. What a sucky running partner! We did a good half hour though and it was so good to do something productive together. With it being summer much of our quality time had been making delicious gin and fruit concoctions we call infusions and taking them outside to enjoy.


I spent the afternoon catching up with a really good friend who I hadn’t seen in forever. You know when it’s been ages and you just cannot stop talking with someone? It’s a sign of a great friendship when you can just slip into old habits like that.                                          

We have had a ton of quinoa in the house for ages so I decided to be good and use it for dinner tonight. I made sweet potato and quinoa patties that I found here http://www.fitsugar.com/Healthy-Sweet-Potato-Recipes-20077074?slide=6&_nz=66. They were super tasty. I omitted the celery because we didn’t have any and it isn’t in season and added spinach instead.

I have been trying to be a good little runner and do strength training and different types of workouts lately to build my legs. I think I hit the gold mine with http://www.fitsugar.com. Most people have probably heard about it but I am a bit behind like that and just stumbled across it on pinterest last week. The workouts are amazeballs because they are all about 10 minutes and you can chose if you want to do an intense cardio, strength training, arm workouts or whatever. I did a couples tonight and yeah my legs are killing me! Sometimes I look at days like this where I have worked out a lot and wonder how I am going to adjust when I go back to work. It is definitely easier to go for a run when you don’t have to go teach for 8 hours afterward. Curse you real life…