Rainy Day Eats

I woke up yesterday, managed to get my run in only to have it start drizzling as I was heading back. By 9am there was a killer rainy, windy heap of crap outside, yet another example of how NZ weather is so damn inconsistent. I was amazed when I went to Asia and the weather stayed the same for the whole summer. Instead I am now living in a place where the weather gods pick something out of a hat each day when it comes to Christchurch. Anyway on a brighter note rainy days mean food!

I had a hankering for some yummy Korean soup and drove out to Coscos to buy tofu and mung beans. Korean food is just amazing, this soup  is a soybean paste – a little like miso but stronger – that you just add to boiled water with veggies. It looks gross I know but is so damn good, especially when it’s cold outside and you add hot pepper flakes. Image

mhmmm Korean deonjang with edamame, mung beans, cabbage and tofu. This made my belly happy.

Today I woke up with more rain and the prospect of going into work which was just shitty. So I consoled myself with a bowl of oats and many topping. I am a huge fan of oats, and ever since reading Kath’s tribute (http://www.katheats.com/kaths-tribute-to-oatmeal) I see a bowl of oats as a challenge to create something food porn worthy.

ImageIn this bowl, 1/3 cup oats, 1 chopped peach, sprinkle of cranberries, chia seeds, a tsp of almond butter and a swirl of molasses. Is there anything better then nut butters on oats? The way it melts in and a tiny bit hides away until the last bite when you get a nut buttergasm.

This made me happy, particularly as I bought a salad and some fruit for lunch today. I like salads but not when its cold and only consists of lettuce, broccoli and hummus – what was I thinking! I took a photo of it but it was really sad and pathetic looking so I don’t want to share it. I have a habit of making lunch the night before when I am full and therefore think I should just bring something light and healthy. Do you do this too? Never fear I am heading home later to make roast vegetable and pesto pasta and possibly some form of  cookie. Because it’s gross and raining outside, here’s a picture of the worlds fluffiest bunny that I owned in China and now miss terribly. Image                                                 Awwww stealing my lunch like a boss.


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