love food, love you!

You know when you have that sudden impulse to cram everything tasty into your mouth and don’t give a shit about the consequences? When ice-cream with pieces of chocolate, zucchini muffin layered in almond butter is not a treat but a necessity? Yeah I had one of those tonight, the terrible feeling of binge eating followed by hours of guilt, and it sucks. As I sit here dwelling on what I just ate I am thinking about why I feel so terrible about it. I eat very healthy, most of my diet consists of hippy foods like chia seeds and spinach smoothies and I exercise daily. After moving to Korea I realised that I don’t need dairy in my daily life and that I was feeling much healthier without it. I started visiting vegan and food blogs and long story short I feel in love with whole foods and eating right. I came back from Asia lighter, happier and healthier. While I do eat chocolatey treats on a daily basis I can say that my diet is a damn good one which I should be proud of. So why is it that after one night of over-eating I am feeling like the worst person in the world?


(excuse the creepy image, but I think I have this look of madness on my face when I over-eat)

It sucks to be a women. It really sucks to live with this pressure from society to look a certain way and to constantly think about what food we are putting into our mouths. But what really gets me is that we can’t allow ourselves to splurge and have a night of treating ourselves without immediately regretting it.  Food is awesome damnit, and while it is important to eat healthy it is also important to just stop and enjoy it, they are called treats for a reason! I am calling for women to stop feeling so guilty about sitting on the couch and binge eating every once in awhile and to just step back and say ‘damn that was delicious! Here’s why…

1) Men don’t feel guilty like women do after over-eating. Who hasn’t been with their boyfriend and eaten way too much pizza and chips washed down with a few beers only to feel like total shit while he feels fine. In fact he just lies back and relaxed without a care in the world. Next time you over-eat have a man approach, unbutton your pants and get comfy, why should they get to have all of the fun.

2) One binge is not going to make you any bigger! Yeah you feel bloated, but tomorrow morning you will be back to normal and your pants will still fit. As Georgina Kostas, director of nutrition at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas says, “it’s not what you do in one day, it’s what you do in one week.” As long as you are eating healthy 80%  of the time the scale isn’t going to change.


(Parks and Recreations is my happy place)

3) You are a fabulous, sexy lady who shouldn’t let one night get you down! Don’t be worrying about what you just ate, reflect on how amazing you are for eating healthy most of the time, abut how you are a really fantastic person who deserves to ‘treat yo self’ every now and then.

4) Food is just awesome. I mean its so tasty and comforting and just amazing. While healthy foods are delicious too, sometimes you need to appreciate the texture of melted cheese and enjoy more then just a piece of chocolate.Image

(this is way too cute)

I am sitting here right now after stuffing my face with and instead of feeling bad I am doing these things, wearing my comfy pants, remembering how awesome I am for loosing a bit of weight over the past year and thinking about how tasty the almond butter was on the zucchini muffin. Tomorrow I know I will eat pretty good and instead of regretting tonight I am going to remember the nice fuzzy feeling of a full belly and happy taste buds. I urge you all to do the same, lets drop the guilt and bring on the food love!





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