hello there

First post, awkward? not if we don’t let it be. 

Confession – I am a super huge blog whore, seriously if that hoarders show could do a viral version the amount of blogs that I follow on a daily basis is concerning. I just love staring at photos of food that people eat, looking at their wedding photos, reading birthing stories (I am realising how much of a stalking I sound like as I write this), but I decided it was time I  start a little blog. One of the main reasons for this is that most of the blogs I read are written by women around 30ish who are married and have kids and a full time job. I have none of this. Instead I am in that awkward early 20s, I-just-spend-a-small-fortune-on-a-degree-and-can’t-get-a-job-and-am-not-sure-if-I-even-like-my-field point of life. I can’t be the only person experiencing these feelings of uncertainty about what career to take, worry about how much money I owe the government already, and fear because 23 used to seem really old but now that it’s here I do not feel mature at all! I want to write about this as a way for me to fall in love with my life and embrace being in my 20s. So top kick it off 10 things that might be nice to know about me…

Image1) I spent nearly a year in South Korea doing the whole teaching English thing, then moved to China, and am about to go back to South Korea. 

2) I have a fear of opening sparkling wine bottles, the cork will hit my eye I am sure of it.

Image3) I have a boy in my life, he travels with me. We have been together for over 6 years, it’s serious, he’s a good kid.

4) I have a weird OCD thing with marshmallows where I have to eat one of each colour. If there are only three white marshmallows left in the packet then I will not eat them. I must have one pink and one white.

5) My kareoke song is ‘Baby got Back’, I know all the words – no joke.

Image6) I have been a vegetarian for about 12 years, and a kind of accidental vegan for nearly 2. Yes it is hard at times in Asia explaining why you are picking pieces of spam out of your fried rice, but it is do-able. 

7) I love love love to bake and cook healthy treats. It is a small dream of mine to open up a vegan cafe in New Zealand.

8) When I was 10 I found the gray M&M in that promotion they had. First prize was $20,000 however that had already been claimed and instead I got the runner-up prize of just over a year supply of M&MS. They sent my family 400 packets of plain M&Ms and as I was 10 this seemed just as good to me as the money.

9) I cannot physically eat plain M&Ms after overdosing on them as a child.

10) Even though I am an English teacher I have terrible spelling. Whenever I spell something wrong I tell the children that it is the way we spell the word in New Zealand…

So now that the awkward first date is over I can go make myself a bowl of blueberries, almond milk and cocoa powder (delicious, try it) and spend a solid two hours on pinterest. Have a fantastic Saturday night!




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